#gallavich took over my life and i regret nothing

what you and i have makes me free


"What you and I have makes me free" is an actual sentence that left Mickey’s mouth, like that’s an actual phrase that he said, like really, actually, that’s an actual thing that happened. Like? This person who didn’t know how to talk about how he felt, at all, said this thing that was so meaningful and powerful and fucking true? And he said it without flinching and it like actually fucking happened.

you got any slim jim’s in this shithole?


Imagine your OTP giving each other a piggy back ride. But with the bigger/stronger/taller one being the “piggy” on top.

I’m sick of living a lie, aren’t you? I’m not lyin’ to you. Everyone else? Who gives a shit about everybody else? What fucking difference does it make if I lie to them? Because… Because you’re not free.


Say that again, I’ll rip your tongue outta your head. = I miss you too.

Hell’s he doing here? = Damn I really missed you.

Fronted a bunch of coke before I went in. Time to collect. = I missed you even more this time.

You need to call your family. = They missed you, but not as much as I did.

You left? I see you took all your shit. = We’ve only been separated a few hours and I already started to miss you.

You happy now? = I’m never going to risk missing you again.

Translations of Mickey Milkovich quotes

isuse boze ti si valjda prvi fandom blog za koji znam da je iz hrvatske. a i jedina osoba iz hrvatske koja je isto opsjednuta mickeyem i ianom i isuse ne znam sad sam malo sretnija hvala ti

ajme fala isusu konacno nekooo, hahah ja nisam nikad nikog iz hrv ni vidla da ima blog ovdje a kamoli da voli iana i mickeya, ovdje kad pitas nekog za njih niko nezna ko su oni jbt

How amazing is it? Cameron Monaghan deserves every award ever

YES he definitely does, and noah too!! they’re just so amazing omg 

Yeah, it's aright. Have you watched JMID? Please tell me you have because I need to talk to someone about it.

yes i have omfg 

"Oh, how the mighty fall in love."


What, you think we’re boyfriend and girlfriend here? You’re nothing but the entire world to me.

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