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Anonymous whispered: Mickey coming home and finding Ian finally up in the house, when he's going through a good phase.


"Holy - fuck, Ian! You’re up?" Mickey said with as much excitement as confusion.

"Yeah." Ian said back, smiling gently over his bowl of cereal.

"You’re … you’re better…" Mickey said, walking over to him and swallowing hard as he stared down at Ian’s freckled face.

"I guess so." Ian shrugged a little bit and dropped his spoon into his cereal as Mickey grabbed his face and pulled him in for a kiss.

"You can’t… you cant just-" Mickey stuttered as he shook his head.

"I know, I know." Ian hushed him and wrapped his arms around his waist so that his head was pressed against Mickey’s chest. "I’m sorry." He whispered painfully.

"You can’t just fucking leave me like that." Mickey mumbled into his flaming hair.

"I can’t control it Mick, I don’t know what happened." Ian said, gripping him tighter, frightened of what was happening to him.

"I’m gonna call your sister, tell her you’re up. Had her worried fucking sick." Mickey said, making no move for the phone.

"You stayed with me…" Ian breathed as he nuzzled into Mickey’s shirt.

"Well what’d you think I was going to fucking leave you?" Mickey said. "After fucking everything? Fuck I…"

"I love you." Ian said softly and Mickey lifted his hand to cup the back of his head and hold him closer.

"Yeah… yeah…" Mickey said, closing his eyes and for the time being breathing out a sigh of relief.

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Anonymous whispered: Prompt: The Gallaghers are at the Milkoviches and they're trying to get Ian up from the bed but he won't even talk to them and when they're in the kitchen trying to figure out how to get him up Liam sneaks into the room next to Ian and he's mumbling something to him and Ian finally talks and then he takes him under his arm. :)


"I told you, you have to leave him when he’s like this," Mickey snaps, tired of watching the Gallaghers’ failed attempts at waking Ian. He walks to the door and holds it open, herding the family out of the bedroom into the kitchen. He takes one last glance at Ian, who looks pale and tired under the harsh sunlight, his eyes staring straight up at the ceiling. Mickey pulls the curtains closed, and leaves, hoping Ian will just fall asleep. Anything but that blank stare.

The Gallaghers are standing in the kitchen discussing what to do with Ian. Things get quiet when Mickey walked in and he rolls his eyes, shoving passed Lip to get to the fridge.

"You all just gonna stand around my fucking house?" Mickey asks, grabbing a beer. He’s been drinking during the day recently. Mickey tries to push this thought from his mind. He has bigger concerns than his own safety.

"Where’s Liam?" Fiona asks suddenly. Mickey hears a small giggle from the bedroom.

"Jesus fucking Christ," Mickey curses, storming back into the room, planning to drag the child out when he sees that Ian is leaning over the side of the bed as Liam whispers in his ear. Ian glances up at Mickey and forces a weak, apologetic sigh. Mickey is filled with a wave of relief, and even smiles back slightly as Ian pulls Liam up onto the bed next to him. Ian sits up and puts Liam on his lap, speaking softly to the boy. The gentleness of Ian’s actions causes a warmth inside Mickey, a feeling of hope that maybe everything will be okay. Mickey walks over to the edge of the bed and sits, aware of but unaffected by the mulitple pairs of eyes on him as the Gallaghers watch from the doorway.

Mickey ruffles Liam’s hair. Thank you, he thinks as he leans in to kiss Ian on the forehead. Because Liam had pulled Ian back from a place that even Mickey had been able to rescue him from. But now there was hope.

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Anonymous whispered: Mickey upsets ian and ian decides to embarrass Mickey by having his stripper friend perform "hey Mickey" at the alibi


"I have a surprise for you," Ian whispers into Mickey’s ear as they enter the Alibi.

"Oh really? What’s that?" Mickey asks, sitting down at the bar expecting Ian to join him, but instead finding Ian walking around the bar counter and bending down to fiddle with the music. A familiar beat starts to play, and the instant Mickey realises what it is, he groans loudly.

"Not this bullshit again," Mickey mutters, recognising the Hey Mickey song that Ian has been singing for days and Ian laughs but doesn’t say anything, his eyes sparkling as he glances over to the door. Hearing a few laughs, Mickey follows Ian’s gaze and turns to the door to see a tall, muscular man in a get-up similar to Ian’s work outfit. He feels his face grow hot.

"Ian Gallagher you are so fucking dead!" he shouts, as the man walks towards him and begins to slowly grind up against Mickey. One of the regulars wolf-whistles and Mickey jumps up, ignoring the man and storms around the bar counter to where Ian is cracking up.

"Yeah, really fucking funny man," Mickey grumbles, shoving Ian. "Now stop the music and get rid of your friend."
They both looked over at the stripper, who has gathered an audience of everyone at the Alibi, who are clapping and dancing along.
A sly grin crawls across Ian’s face.

"Dance with me," he instructs grabbing Mickey’s hands and moving his hips from side to side as he mouths the words to the song. Mickey rolls his eyes, but doesn’t let go, slowly easing into the song, and by the end of the song his arms are wrapped around Ian’s neck and they’re swaying from side to side, blissfully unaware of everyone else in the room, too lost in each other to stop and wonder what anybody else thought.

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Anonymous whispered: Mickey beats the shit out of some assholes being mean to Debbie and Ian gives him a special reward


Ian is sitting at the Gallagher kitchen table when Debbie and Mickey walk in the front door. Ian raises an eyebrow in surprise at seeing the two of them together.
"Where were you guys?" Ian asks. Debbie looks up at Mickey, her eyes pleading.

"Around," Mickey responds evasively, not looking Ian in the eye, a clear sign he is hiding the truth. He sniffs and wipes at his nose, fidgeting under Ian’s intense stare.

Ian’s eyes widened. “Is that blood on your hand?!” he asks incredulously, jumping up from his seat to walk over to Mickey.

Debbie sighs and rolled her eyes. “Mickey beat the shit out of some guys in school who were being dickheads. No big deal,” she turned and stomps up the stairs.

Mickey glances at Ian nervously, waiting to get shouted at. Instead, Ian picks up Mickey’s hand in his own and slowly a grin starts to form across his face.
"Okay why the fuck are you looking at me like that?" Mickey asks, half expecting it to be some sort of trap. Ian laughs.

"You’re amazing you know that?" Ian asks, kissing Mickey’s hand softly.

Ian walks towards the stairs backwards, keeping his eyes on Mickey, a playful smile dancing across his lips.

"You coming?" Ian asks, biting his lip suggestively, before bounding up the stairs. He doesn’t need to ask twice.

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Ian taking his shirt off: 4x08 / 4x11

Mickey tracing that spine with his finger though

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giving back the illegal gun you stole: the south side way of giving flowers 

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