All you have to do is sleep… Like most scenes. —Noel Fisher, after Ian breaks character and laughs during the morning-after scene at the loft (x)
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With Ian, Season 5 has the potential to continue to grow with stories that break the mold. I look forward to seeing how the people who gave us the brave wonderfully nuanced Mickey Milkovich handle this next important chapter. —Written By Tamar Barbash, @writerTQB. [shamelesstv] (via go-gallavich)
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"Though you do have really nice legs"

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gallavich + kisses



"I love this song," Ian cries to Mickey across the table of the Alibi. He’s actually never heard the song before, but he’s reached a point in which he’s blurting out random statements, a non stop flow of words leaving his mouth. Mickey has been watching Ian chatter on all night, with more and…

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ok real talk though, next season i want a neck kiss between Ian and Mickey; lots of gentle or rough neck kisses, on a bed in the middle of sex or pinned against a wall or in the middle of cuddling i don’t care JUST GIVE ME ALL THE NECK KISSES IT’S IMPORTANT

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The casting director said the scene featured Mickey Milkovich going on a date for the first time

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