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what you and i have makes me free

What’s the most difficult part about acting in a gay relationship?

The look! For seasons now, we’ve been talking about ‘the look’. (…) By that look (the audience) know you loved Ian even from day one.

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Cameron Monaghan for Bellus Magazine


i bet noel gives the best hugs

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NOEL FISHER + Anatomy of a movie (07.31.14)


literally whenever i see gallavich, ever.


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The look.
Mickey Milkovich has been in love with Ian Clayton Gallagher since day one.
The look has always been there. It has been there since little league.
And the look will always be there because they are madly in love with each other.
For better or worse Ian and Mickey can’t keep away from each other,
And it doesn’t seem anyone or anything can keep them apart either.