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some facts about mickey milkovich:

he’s ticklish but he only found out because of ian

he’s very specific about the way he eats his cereal

mickey has given at least two nicknames to ian’s dick 

he’s stopped in the middle of sex to laugh about those nicknames

he smiles when he sees pictures of puppies

mickey doesn’t like little things that have wings

mickey gets really heated about movie discussions

mickey snorts when he laughs too much

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casual sex scenes between ian and mickey could be:

  • under the covers, holding each other in the morning
  • slow thrusts, face to face and neck kissing
  • on all fours, but focused on their facial expressions
  • half clothed, mostly clothed, or fully nude
  • focused on the way they touch each other
  • such as the way hands travel hips, and up chests
  • exploring what each other likes 
  • asking if the other is okay and wait time
  • involve massaging and preparation time
  • focus primarily on the ‘afterglow’ of sex
  • involve joking and playfulness 
  • holding hands during intense moments
  • using sex as a moment for them to have a conversation
  • does not always have to show or imply penetrative sex
  • involve scenes that blend seamlessly into their everyday lives
  • etc. etc. etc. etc.

It doesn’t have to always be this hot and steamy thing, and they don’t have to do all of this all at once. Scenes don’t have to be very long and/or ONE BIG DEFINING MOMENT in the show, but just a part of the character’s lives in a casual way. In addition, casual intimacy (which doesn’t always have to be sexual) could be:

  • a hand comfortably on the other’s body
  • leaning into touches, craving closeness
  • using touch to comfort when sad
  • sharing small details about their day
  • having no issue changing in front of each other
  • sharing food, interests, and clothes
  • all kinds of kisses that are spread throughout
  • such as kissing with (implied) tongue
  • but also forehead and top of the head kisses
  • and shoulder kisses and chest kisses
  • as well as quick pecks on the lips
  • sitting or laying down with legs intertwined
  • non sexual massages to necks and shoulders
  • having a strong desire to do things together
  • play fighting and wrestling
  • etc. etc. etc. etc. 

I think the show has gotten better about the above, but it could always be better. Their sex life and intimacy doesn’t always have to be shown in big defining moments, nor does it have to be SUPER INTENSE or hot and steamy ??? Part of normalizing it, involves highlighting their sex life and intimacy in casual contexts where they’re just allowed to be themselves with each other without the sex/intimacy itself leading to conflict or drama. 

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Sometimes your having a bad day but then

Noel posts a picture of the kitten he’s fostering

and it gets a little better

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Mickey + lips

okay but Ian & Mickey would totally be that couple at amusement parks that dare each other to go on the scariest rides and they always have to go to the front of each roller coaster and when they're in line they're really close to each other (you know how couples do that in line???) and they're really flirty and Ian laughs when Mickey screams on rides and is like "glad to know i can make you scream louder" and mickey is like "you're one to talk" and I NEED THISSSSS


lmao I’m just picturing them in line for the scariest ride and as the line bumps up they both get increasingly nervous about it and Ian’s like, “Are you scared?” “No! I’m not! Obviously!…..Why, are you?” “What? No! I just wanted to check.” “Okay, well considered it checked.” And when they get on the ride and snap into the seatbelts Ian reaches over to grab Mickey’s hand and finds it as clammy as his own and they smile at each other and then after the ride is over go, “Oh, that little thing? WASN’T EVEN SCARY, RIGHT?” when it so was.

"you wanna spend out a blanket and look for shooting stars next?!"

Guys, check out my new video :)

ian & mickey | safe and sound 

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"what’s it like to play a gay character?"



honestly just once i wanna watch an episode of shameless and not want to cry or punch a wall right after

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my mom thought otp meant “oh, the pain.”

what’s the difference

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